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Stay hair free and smooth for longer.

Get rid of unwanted body hair with the best waxing Spokane can give to you. Call our salon today to get that smooth and shiny skin that will last.

Waxing Spokane

Thank you for your interest in staying hair free with waxing Spokane. We are in love with waxing. Our estheticians devote their time to making you feel comfortable and calm.

Unwanted hair can be embarrassing and hard to remove. Shaving is a hassle and creates razor burn and rashes.

Say goodbye to pesky razors and hair in unwanted places. We will give you the waxing experience that will keep you coming back.

spokane waxing for hair removal

Your best option for pristine hair removal is our waxing salon. Our high end products and waxing techniques are irreplaceable.

Look no further for Spokane waxing that will give you smooth and easy results. We offer waxing services that include:

  • Brazilian Waxing
  • Bikini Waxing
  • Facial Waxing
  • Full Body Waxing
  • Sugar Waxing
  • Underarm Waxing
  • Male Waxing

About Waxing Spokane WA

If you’re looking for a comfortable waxing experience, look no further. We are confident that you will feel happy with your results.

Our estheticians stay educated, talented, and gifted. Your skin will feel soft and silky like you have been hoping for. Don’t let unwanted hair take over.

We value your satisfaction. It is important to us that your waxing hair removal service is what you are envisioning. If you aren’t overjoyed after your appointment then we haven’t done all that we can.

It is our goal to provide waxing services that are clean. We follow Washington State regulations for proper salon sanitation. Our staff disinfects with meticulous protocols. You can relax without worrying about coming in contact with bacteria and diseases. We make sure our tools are clean.

We have made it our mission to offer waxing services that will benefit you. Whether you want lip waxing or a full body wax, we provide a service for you.

Our salon is the best place for hair removal in Spokane and the surrounding areas. Every one of our estheticians is an expert in their craft. You will have a waxing service from a qualified esthetician. Your satisfaction is what we strive for.

Why Choose Us?

Clients choose our waxing studio over other salons because we provide lasting results. We know how to keep you relaxed while we are performing services on you. Our salon is a calming place for you to visit.

Having waxing services done by a true professional is important for proper techniques. Our estheticians hold current licenses and certifications for a safe waxing experience. Let our professionals work their waxing magic on you.

It is important us that:

  • You are confident in our skills. We take part in continual training to stay up to date. Our staff enjoys furthering their education so you can enjoy our high end services. We make sure that our techniques are up to date.
  • We can wax any unwanted hair and make the results last. You can toss the razors after you visit us and kiss razor burn goodbye. Your skin will feel silky for days.

Contact our salon to make an appointment today. You won’t regret choosing our waxing studio for your hair removal needs.

What To Expect

Our salon is the leading waxing studio in the Spokane area. We use high grade waxing tools. Our wax is top of the line for a high end experience.

Clients choose our salon because we specialize in full body waxing. We have experience in waxing an array of hair and skin types. You will feel at ease during your appointment.

How to prepare for your waxing appointment:

  • Call our salon to schedule an appointment time that works for you.
  • Exfoliate a couple of days before your appointment. Make sure to use a gentle exfoliation.
  • Let your hair grow long enough for the wax to hold on to it. Don’t grow it out too long.
  • Keep your skin moisturized up until your appointment.
  • Avoid medications that thin your skin.
  • Wear breathable clothing that is comfortable against your skin.

What to expect during your appointment:

  • You will start your appointment with a consultation. Your esthetician will go over waxing options.
  • Your esthetician will leave and have you undress if needed. They will provide a cover to make you feel comfortable during your appointment.
  • Your skin is always cleaned before applying any wax.
  • The esthetician spreads the wax with care and the hair removal process will begin.
  • Once hair has been removed, the esthetician will apply a calming cream to soothe your skin.

What to do after your appointment:

  • Avoid working out to give your skin a break.
  • Understand that your skin will calm down after your appointment.
  • Pre-book future appointments to keep your skin smooth and hairless.

Schedule an appointment with our salon to get your unwanted hair waxed!


You can be confident that your appointment will involve a licensed professional. We will make sure that you feel minimal discomfort during your appointment. It is important to us that we can provide a high end service with ease. We won’t waste your time. Our estheticians are effective with waxing techniques.

spokane brazilian waxing

Brazilian Waxing

Our salon provides the best brazilian wax Spokane can provide. This service removes the hair from the pubic area, upper thighs, and anus. It is typical to remove all the hair, but some hair can stay behind if you chose. Brazilian wax for men is like the process for waxing women. We are confident that we provide the cleanest male brazillian waxing Spokane WA has seen.

spokane bikini waxing

Bikini Waxing

Our salon provides the most essential bikini wax Spokane WA has to offer. Waxing bikini areas differ from brazlilian waxing. Hair is only removed around the bikini area instead of the whole pubic area. This service is a necessary alternative to painful shaving. Your bikini line will stay smooth for longer than shaving. You won’t have to hide your razor rash.

spokane facial waxing

Facial Waxing

Our waxing studio removes facial hair with care. If you want to remove the peach fuzz on your cheeks or the hair on your upper lip, we will remove your unwanted hair. Our estheticians qualify to perform elite eyebrow waxing Spokane has ever offered. Our face wax is gentle and safe.

spokane body wax

Full Body Waxing

We provide the quickest full body waxing Spokane has given. Achieve smooth and hairless skin in one session instead of broken up services. This service eliminates hair all over. Full body waxing takes time, but is optimal for removing hair in many places. You will be happy to have silky skin all over your body.

spokane sugar waxing

Sugar Waxing

It is common knowledge that we provide the safest sugar wax Spokane provides. This service removes hair using a mixture of sugar, lemon, and water. The mixture is candied and applied on the skin to pull the hair from the root. This service provides a natural approach to traditional waxing practices.

spokane underarm or armpit waxing

Underarm Waxing

This service offers a choice between soft or hard wax to remove the hair in your armpits. The hair grows back feeling fine and thin. Shaving your underarms creates irritation and rashes. Waxing the hair provides a solution that will give you an option for smooth underarms. You won’t have to skip out on wearing a sleeveless shirt again.

spokane male waxing

Male Waxing

We provide the sleekest male waxing Spokane has to offer the community. Waxing for men doesn’t need to be embarrassing. Removing unwanted hair is becoming more common for men. This service execution can be for convenience or personal preference. The best mens waxing Spokane provides is done in our waxing studio.

About Spokane Washington

Spokane WA is a vibrant and rapidly expanding city. With only 98 square miles of land, the population is upwards of 230,000 residents.

Spokane is known for its beautiful scenery with Mt. Spokane peering over the city and Schweitzer Mountain a short drive away. The city was inhabited by the Spokane tribe of Indians, they valued the vast forest lands. They lived comfortably feeding off wild game that inhibited the lands.

There are many desirable features in Spokane WA. It attracts visitors from all over the country. The most notable attraction is the largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the world. “Hoopfest” is the name for the tournament.. The city also hosts one of the largest 12 km races in the northwest. The Lilac Bloomsday Run has thousands of participants every year.

Lakes, rivers, and historic downtown Spokane provide activities for every type of person. The city is 18 miles from Idaho and nearby towns that support the economy of Spokane. This includes many Idaho residents.

Some of the nearby cities include:

  • Spokane Valley, WA
  • Cheney, WA
  • Liberty Lake, WA
  • Airway Heights, WA
  • Deer Park, WA
  • Mead, WA
  • Coeur D’ Alene, ID
  • Deer Park, WA
  • Sandpoint, ID
  • Many other surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the highest quality waxing near me?

Our salon provides high end results every single appointment.

Are there licensed eyebrow waxers near me?

All of our estheticians are up to date with their licensing. They are all qualified to perform professional waxing services.

Are waxing places near me worth trying?

We are confident that you will fall in love with waxing when you visit our salon.

What is vagina wax?

This is the same as brazialian waxing where all of the hair is removed in the pelvic area.

Where can I get bikini waxing near me?

Our salon offers a bikini waxing service that is effective in removing hair around the bikini line.

Are there waxing salons near me that are high end?

We provide high end services at reasonable prices.

Where can I get the most gentle face wax near me?

We pride ourselves in offering facial waxing that is gentle on your face with minimal pain.

How long should I grow out my hair before waxing?

We recommend that you grow your hair out for at least 3 weeks before your scheduled appointment.

Does waxing make hair grow back thicker?

Continual waxing does the opposite of hair growth. You will experience less hair growth the more you get waxed.

How often do I need to get waxed?

We recommend that you get waxing services done at least every 4 weeks.

Client Testimonials

I have had waxing services done all over Spokane and the waxing prices are all over the place. I just wanted a “go-to” high end shop for a reasonable price. Thankfully Waxing Spokane could fit me on their books because they had the best deals in town!

Melissa Umbridge

I was a little hesitant to request “male waxing” from any Spokane waxing shop, but my back is out of control. I stopped by their shop and the entire staff was very helpful and supportive despite my hesitation. I will definitely be coming back every 3 months!

Brad Tucker

I cannot count how many times I have had someone give me an eyebrow wax and they get a little too adventurous… The ladies at Waxing Spokane were very professional and absolutely nailed my brows. A++

Amanda Clary

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Our love for hair removal shows. Waxing Spokane will make you feel relaxed and confident with hair removal done right.

Get rid of the hair your unwanted hair that is in the way. We know shaving creates unneeded hassles. Skip the rash and get the smooth skin with ease.

You will keep coming back for hair removal after you experience what we have to offer.

Our salon is your top option for removing hair. Our estheticians use top quality products every time. Licensed professionals are the only ones who can buy these products. This makes your appointment special for you.

Contact us to set up an appointment to stay hair free.

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